Common Skin Conditions a Podiatrist Can Help You With

Many people associate podiatrists with the foot but there are many skin and nail conditions that they can diagnose and treat as well. And if you are suffering from any of the conditions that are explained below, you can contact your local podiatry clinic for an appointment and experience some relief today.

Fungal infections can be particularly frustrating as they are so difficult to get rid of and the foot is a common area where these infections can thrive. A common fungal infection you may experience in the foot is athlete’s foot. This generally affects the space between your toes and you will experience itching and notice redness, scaling and blisters in the area. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot, you can visit Sydney podiatry co   to find a treatment option. Generally, antifungal medication will be recommended along with a few changes to your lifestyle. Hygiene is a big factor when it comes to your foot health. Fungal infections can affect the toenails as well and this will lead to thickened, brittle and discoloured nails. Before treatment is carried out, the podiatrist will do a nail biopsy to confirm that you are actually suffering from a fungal nail. This will also help them pinpoint the type of fungus. This will also be treated with antifungal medication.

There are also many skin conditions

That can be uncomfortable and will not look all that great; for example, if you have corns and calluses in your feet, this can cause you a lot of discomfort even though it is not a very serious condition. These are actually thickened skin that develops when there is friction or pressure. This friction is usually generated as a result of not wearing the right footwear. These corns and calluses can be removed using special tools. It is recommended not to do this at home; your podiatrist will be able to do this safely. Blisters will also develop because of friction. However, moisture and heat can also contribute to this. These fluid filled sacs are prone to being infected and you will be able to get some valuable advice on how to prevent them from occurring when you visit the podiatry clinic. They will also drain the blister safely and apply a sterile dressing to prevent infection.

Some skin conditions are caused by viral infections.

One example is plantar warts which is a particularly difficult condition to treat. There will be a combination of treatment methods used to combat this such as the use of topical medications, laser therapy and cryotherpay. This will prevent the warts from spreading and the podiatrist will be able to remove the wart. Many skin conditions can be quite painful and regular visits to the podiatrist can help manage them. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that can affect skin in different areas of the body including the foot. The scaly patches of skin generated by this condition can be very painful and itchy. You can also visit a dermatologist in addition to a podiatrist for this. There are many topical medications that will be recommended for this.

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