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How to Keep Your Ute in Good Condition

It doesn’t matter if you just bought yourself a truck or if you have been the owner of one for several years. As you can imagine a thorough routine maintenance check is important to keep your vehicle in mint condition. The advantage of being fastidious with your maintenance schedule is that you will be able to spot a problem early before it becomes an issue which can potentially cost you a large sum of money to repair.

To ensure your truck works well for you whether it is used for work or recreation means not only attending to regular maintenance but also buying genuine parts like genuine toyota hilux spare parts for your vehicle. These two considerations will help you keep your truck running in good condition for many years.

Engine oil lubricates your Ute’s engine and keeps it working well. Oil is easily polluted by contaminants from the environment which hampers the smooth functioning of the engine. Go over your owner’s manual to find out how often an oil change is required. Follow instructions and have the oil change done regularly at the recommended intervals. The next critical component to maintain is the oil filter which also collects debris and dust. If not changed or cleaned regularly it can slow down the efficient functioning of the engine.

Other important fluids need regular checking as well. Likethe engine coolant which serves to maintain the engine fluids at a steady boiling and freezing point. The performance of the engine needs to maintain its temperature at an optimal level – this is the function of the engine coolant. The power steering fluid is what helps move the various parts of your Ute’s steering system and keeping this in good condition can help extend the life of the power steering system. Just as important is the brake fluid. You should replace the brake fluid regularly because it tends to absorb moisture from the air over time and this reduces its efficiency, which impacts the vehicle’s capacity to engage the brakes.Next, windshield washer fluid. Not something you give much thought to, but make it a habit to top up the washer liquid to keep your windshield clean and damage-free.

Another essential maintenance tip would be to routinely rotate the tyres. Rotating the tyres helps all four of the tyres have an even treadwear which in turn extends the life of your tyres and the suspension system through the reduction of vibrations caused by out-of-balance and ill-aligned tyres.

Having your Ute’s exterior cleaned and your undercarriage checked regularly will not just add to the look and feel of the vehicle but a routine check of the undercarriage – when rotating your tyres is a good time to do this, will help your mechanic catch anything that could be amiss before it turns into an expensive repair. Last but not least schedule a yearly inspection and bi-annually if the truck is older. It will catch any issues early.

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