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How To Entertain Your Bride Squad

During parties, it’s not enough that there’s food and drinks. There should be fun activities as well to ensure that your guests are having a good time. Some considerations must be made for your party to be truly memorable.

Entertainment must be on the list of priorities when planning a party and should be given equal importance. The same principle is applied to when planning a bachelorette party (or it might be more since there are a lot of opportunities for thematic activities during these kinds of events).

Bachelorette parties are not only to celebrate the upcoming wedding of the bride but also as a venue for the bridesmaids and other female guests to bond and to create memorable moments. Parties such as these are usually held in houses, clubs or any private venues, especially since some activities are raunchy in nature.

Have a male stripper (duh)

Entertaining your bride squad during your bachelorette party is almost synonymous to having a male stripper. Some brides even forego other traditions except for having a stripper on their bachelorette parties because it is the pinnacle of saying goodbye to being single.

Finding a qualified male stripper is an extensive process because of course, you would not want to fall prey to individuals who would want to take advantage of you. You have of course, heard or read about situations where the night did not end on a positive note and you don’t want the same thing to happen to your party.

You could ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues that already had their bachelorette parties or you could search the Internet since reputable companies have a strong and trusted online presence. With this, you are sure that the stripper would be able to provide entertainment professionally and that the party would not go without a hitch.

Or, have a life drawing instead (but still with a gorgeous male)

Some brides are now opting for a different type of bachelorette party. Have you ever heard of a life drawing Adelaide for hens party? With this kind of activity or event, there will be a male model who could be naked or covered as you prefer and you and your guests can paint or draw them.

Booze is still allowed and the male model is not the only male present during the party since there are other staffs (usually gorgeous and hunky males) present to assist the guests such as serving the drinks or teaching the guests basic drawing techniques or just plain making the guests comfortable and at ease with having a fine male specimen standing naked in front of them.

What’s great about these kinds of parties is that there are packages that are customizable depending on your budget. You could opt to bring your own art supplies or you could just avail of the all-inclusive packages so you would not need to worry about a thing.

When it comes to entertaining your bride squad, you don’t need to worry or stress about it that much since they are all just happy to be with you to celebrate your becoming a Mrs. But of course, having a fun filled bachelorette party would not hurt either!

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