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Tips for WordPress Beginners

There are many websites that are developed with WordPress. It is an easy to use platform to develop your site. But there is a learning curve when you are new to this platform and there are certain issues that you can come across.

You can find many tutorials and blogs that will teach you how to install WordPress. There are many resources online for learning and many of them are free of charge. When it comes to a website, it has to be designed in a way that appeals to the visitor. But in addition to the aesthetics of the site, you have to think about the functionality of the site. There are many themes that you can try with WordPress but you need to select something that is adaptive and responsive. Check whether the theme is responsive for mobile devices as well because many people tend to view websites on their phones. There are many free themes in WordPress that you can use but you need to check whether there is a risk of them crashing when used on a device that has a different resolution. So checking how the theme reacts to different screen sizes is very important. You need to make sure that the quality of the website and the simplicity of the layout can still be maintained while managing its responsiveness.

There are themes that will help you achieve more customisation. You need to select a theme that provides you with many options. There are paid themes that come with a lot of options but you can check what is available for free before you consider this. Creating a backup for all the contents of your site is very important. Many people tend to back up data only when the site is complete but this can become a big issue if you lose some content in the developing phase. So make sure you secure the WordPress site even during development. There are many software options and plugins that can be used to secure the site against malware.

Make sure that you run performance checks on the website regularly to catch any issues. It is very important that users find your website on search engine results. But if the links pointing to your content are too long or complex, it can be difficult for search engines to locate. To do this, you can use review your permalinks before they are published. You also need to research the keywords that are related to your content and make sure that you get rid of any unnecessary words to create a concise and simple permalink. You need to provide the right information for a search engine to rank you higher on the search results. So SEO practices are vital for boosting the visibility of your website. Try to use external and internal links on the page and add the specific keyword in the meta description and the title. You need to research more on SEO practices or hire a company that can improve the SEO of your site.

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