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Revising the lessons of pandemic

The recent COVID-19 pandemic taught us so many memorable lessons. No one expected such a pandemic in the twenty-first century. It helped us remember our ancient times, how the pandemics of those days felt. This havoc was unexpected by anyone of us. So many people lost their lives to this pandemic. It taught us that we should be prepared to accept anything, as anything could happen at any time. It is also important that we take care of ourselves and act vigilant.

Viruses are organism which has a high virulence and high rate of reproduction. These can increase in number rapidly. These organisms can only live and replicate in living organisms. They are tiny, so they can escape any barrier rapidly. They can also survive in any environment. Viruses also can mutate. These were a few reasons why we couldn’t get the spread of the virus under control. Now not only medical professionals, but everyone around the world, knows how to protect oneself from respiratory diseases.

This tiny organism flipped the world. It was a great loss for everyone, specially in business field. There was curfew and isolation all around the world. Most of the people didn’t know what quarantine is until the recent pandemic taught us. Not only this, but it taught us many more. It taught us even though we think we can’t live without technically, technology only isn’t enough for survival. This is when teachers all around the world learned to do classes online. Everything could go well, only some businesses faced great losses.

After pandemic, IT services has become so famous. We used IT to perform all our activities. We didn’t know what IT could do before the pandemic, and now we use these technologies for everything. COVID-19 pandemic taught us that businesses with IT services could still survive in this situation. Social distancing taught us how hard it was to stay away from our friends and family. It showed us how healthcare workers fought, while everyone was in ventilators and struggling to breathe. It taught us that it’s important to have it services like managed it support cairns to make sure business goes well even in situations like this.

Furthermore, it’s essential we stay together to overcome such situations. It was an unfortunate period of time for all of us. Being responsible was the most essential thing in this case. It was the duty of each one of us to be more cautious about us and everyone around us.  If each one of us had been more careful and followed the instructions by healthcare workers right, we would have had the chance to save a few lives. Death doesn’t have an age, it can be even to a baby who was just born or a ninety-year-old man. It made men cook and do all the household work. It made us understand how significant it was to spend sometime with our loved ones. Also made us appreciate our loved ones for everything they did for us. Made online shopping the only way we could get groceries.

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