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How to Prepare Your Child for Primary School

Your child going to primary school for the first time will be a big moment for them and you as a parent. This will be the first time they are experiencing a school environment and there are some things you can do to prepare them for this time. This will help smooth the transition.

The school will be a new environment for your child.

And to help them get familiarised with it, you can visit the school several times before the first day. There will be orientation sessions that you can attend at the primary school Brisbane. There are also meet and greet events that you can attend with your child so that they can get an idea of what the classrooms and other school facilities are like. They will also get to meet other children at these visits which will give them something to look forward to. When the child has a good understanding of this new environment and knows what they are expected to do when it comes to the routine, this can reduce their anxiety significantly. You can ask the teachers about the routine that will be followed at school so that you can have your child become more familiar with it. You can establish a similar routine at home before they start school. You can have the same routine for a good few weeks so that they know what to expect.

Some of the things you can do to establish this routine is to set a time to wake up and go to bed.

You can also plan mealtimes according to the time at school and create fun snacks for the child. They can also get involved in creating these snacks. And make sure you have a schedule for play time, studying and other activities. This way, the routine at school will not be so unusual for the child. And they will be able to immerse themselves in the school routine without an issue. Having a routine will also give your child stability. You can also encourage your child to be more independent in their day to day lives. You can help them learn how to tie shoelaces and how to dress themselves. You can get them excited about choosing an outfit for the day. And you can even get them used to packing or unpacking their school bag. You can plan a day out where they get to take their school bag along with the lunchbox.

There will be various social skills needed for primary school life.

And if your child has not had a lot of exposure to other children, you can gradually help them in this by arranging playdates. You can also look for group activities that they can take part in. These situations will teach them how to communicate with each other respectfully and how to share. Teach them to be kind and empathetic. And it can be helpful when you can foster a love for learning from a young age. Children are naturally curious so you can read books together and explore outdoors together. And allow them to ask questions about the world so that you can discover new information together. You can also purchase educational puzzles and games so that your child will learn critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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